WHC Sponsorship / Grant Program

WHC Programs, such as the Sponsorship/Grant Program, are funded by the money earned by holding the Midwest Horse Fair every year.

We regret to inform everyone, that due to the fact that the Midwest Horse Fair was canceled in 2020 & 2021, the Sponsorship/Grant Program will not be able to accept applications or provide sponsorship/grants for 2022.

We hope to be able to run the program again in 2023, so please check back here for updates.



The Sponsorship/Grant Committee of Wisconsin Horse Council (WHC) looks for ways to promote the use and enjoyment of horses and ideas to educate horse people and the public at large - particularly youth. We welcome ideas for activities that allow people to interact with equines of all kinds. Maximum amount that could be approved for any one project or event is $5,000. For requests more than $5,000, the application has to go to our Board of Directors through the WHC President. Funding amounts vary depending on the purpose of the request and how it fits with the WHC Mission Statement. Our grants offer funding for organizations in need of assistance for a specific use. We encourage fund raising efforts by your organization, as we may match those funds up to a limited amount.


Organizations applying for a WHC Sponsorship/Grant MUST BE A CURRENT MEMBER OF WHC. Be sure to include an estimated budget for your project or event. This is an important element of your application for the committee's consideration. Also, it is important to include as much information as possible with your application to "sell" your funding request to the committee.

If your Sponsorship/Grant is approved, WHC wants to be recognized for helping your organization achieve its project or event. For example - hang a banner at your function, provide wall space for a plaque to be permanently displayed in a visible spot, or have WHC mentioned during the announcements or in promotional materials.

*NEW* - It is also required that you submit a completion report due December 31st of the current funding year. It should include a financial statement of how sponsorship funding was spent, a copy, picture or link that shows WHC recognition for help with funding and pictures of the completed project.

A representative(s) from your organization may be asked to attend a WHC meeting to give a short presentation regarding the project or event that received funding.

Application Deadline

Sponsorship/Grant applications MUST BE POSTMARKED BY JANUARY 31st . Money is awarded after July 1, the beginning of WHC's fiscal year. Applications are available here. Applications also may be requested by phone (920-623-0393) or in person from the WHC office in Columbus.

Mail completed applications to:

Wisconsin Horse Council
Sponsorship/Grant Program
P.O. Box 72
Columbus, WI 53925

Questions may be directed to: 920-623-0393 or e-mail info@wisconsinhorsecouncil.org

How Funding Is Determined

Please be aware that we do not provide money for normal operating expenses, horse show judges, awards, food, repairs to personal property or new building construction; nor do we provide for feed or hay.

Applications are analyzed and their merit assessed based upon the following criteria:

  • Educational value
  • Horse industry promotion value
  • How many people it will reach
  • Whether the project benefits youth
  • Whether the money will be well spent
  • The applicant's access to other funding
  • How well the project fits our mission statement

Examples of projects or events that have been funded:

  • Educational events
  • Therapeutic riding programs and horses
  • Building repairs to existing facilities
  • Travel expenses for clinicians and youth
  • Printed material such as brochures, flyers, and handouts
  • Clinics and seminars on various disciplines or other equine-related topics
  • Events that promote interaction with people and equines

Some of the organizations that have received Grant funding:

  • Wisconsin 4-H
  • Wisconsin High School Rodeo
  • Wisconsin Interscholastic Horse Association
  • Jefferson County Draft Horse Association
  • 4-H Harvesters Driving Drill Team
  • Three Gaits
  • S.M.I.L.E.S.
  • State Fair Mounted Police
  • Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association
  • Nature's Edge Therapy Center
  • Columbus Carriage Classic
  • Free Spirit Riders
  • Wisconsin Agribusiness
  • U.W. Madison Vet School
  • U.W. River Falls Equine Judging team

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